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Beauty and Makeup Made Easy

There is more to beauty and makeup than slapping on the war paint. Even when you are busy there are some simple rules you should follow when applying your cosmetics. Here are some must-have, free beauty tips that no woman should be without.

Like fine art, good makeup application begins with a clean canvas, so do not forget about facial skin care products. After cleansing your face, apply a good moisturizer and allow it to soak in. This will keep your foundation on top of the skin. The next step is to apply concealer and foundation to hide any dark circles and discoloration. Foundation should match your skin tone perfectly, so use great care when choosing your shade. Test the color just under the jaw line instead of on your cheek or hand. This will immediately let you know if it will be invisible on the face. If your skin is oily, then opt for an oil free or water-based foundation. Dry skin works best with a liquid foundation or rich cream. Always make sure that your foundation is well blended to avoid looking like you are wearing a mask.

With regard to beauty and makeup, after you have applied and blended your foundation, set it with loose powder. Choose a lightweight powder that will absorb into your skin instead of just sitting on top. This will help your makeup last all day. Use a large makeup brush and apply in a circular motion. Like your foundation, the color should match your skin tone perfectly. Use a light hand and dust off any excess powder. A matte finish will give your makeup a dated look.

Less is more when it comes to health beauty tips. Only apply powder or cream blush to the apples of your cheeks. Blend the blush in so that the color looks natural. If you make a mistake, then just moisten a sponge and gently dab your cheeks until you get the color you want. The lipstick you choose should match the tone of your skin, hair and eyes. Most women opt for softer colors during the day and darker shades in the evening. The same goes for your eye shadow. To give your eyes some extra pop, apply a shimmering highlighter just beneath the eyebrow and apply a thick, even coat of mascara to your lashes.

Now that you know the beauty and makeup basics, you can get creative with color. Blend trendy shades of eye shadow and liner for a smoky look worthy of a dark red silk scarf. Or, pick up a striking shade of lipstick that you never thought you would wear. The key is to create a pulled together, polished look that highlights your best features. Got great eyes? Layer on the waterproof mascara! Got a sexy pout? Play it up with red lipstick. You will love the way your new look will make you feel.

If you want to splurge, then companies that make high end cosmetic lines will provide consultations by appointment. However, do not feel that you have to buy costly products, try to get a sample first to make sure it suits you and your skin. If you practice your technique and choose the right shades for your skin tone, then you will look flawless every time.

Beauty and Style

Beauty has no exact definition, as different people are beautiful in different ways, owing to looks or styles unique to each personality. Beauty is a quality that always gives pleasure to the beholder, generates positive energy and holds aesthetic values that are immeasurable.

What is style? Style is the appearance of a person, characterized by their expressions, personality, mannerisms and most importantly, their taste in cloths and accessories. In other words, style defines a person’s beauty as much as natural appeal, especially in today’s world.

Beauty and style is a very important aspect in today’s society. Everybody likes to be noticed, especially women. We all like to indulge ourselves in order to be noticed for beauty and style.

What makes someone stand out from a regular person? Read on to learn a few tips on beauty and style that will help get you noticed in a crowd.

Stay in Fashion

Stay up to date on latest trends, and apply them in your day to day fashion, enhancing it with your own personal touch. But never forget to make sure to stay within limits that suite your body shape and style. Look for cloths that accentuate your good features, and cover those you want to hide, while not forgetting to keep in with the latest trends. Match your accessories accordingly, opting for popular picks, yet selections that are unique to your style and personality.

Enhance Your Beauty

Cloths definitely defines your style, but cosmetics help enhance it. Choose the correct make-up that matches your skin tones and highlights your best features. Use regular skincare creams to protect the youth of your skin and maintains its healthy glow. Choose a perfume that matches your personality, applying it subtly, yet sparingly.

Give attention to your hands and feet, not just your face. Use nail polish that matches your skin tones, apply a regular hand cream and manicure your nails to match your finger shape. Spend extra time on your feet, using foot scrubs and regular pedicures to help keep them stylish and healthy.

Hair Care

Hair is a crowning glory, with the correct guidance, you can turn it to your most radiant feature. It is an eye catcher in fashion, and styling it to suite your face while keeping in with the latest fashion can be very rewarding. It is a definite bonus to get you noticed.

But, most important of all is maintaining the health of your hair. Use a shampoo and conditioner regularly, selecting the kind that suites the type of hair you have. Regular oil massages, hair tonics and other vitamins that preserve the moisture in your hair will definitely help add that extra shine to your hair that will never go unnoticed.

Dress Accordingly

Wear your outfits according to the occasion. Elegant and attractive for a cocktail, alluring and graceful for a dinner party, smart and professional for a business meeting, colorful and sunny for a picnic and casual and comfortable for shopping. Dressing to match your surroundings will always get you noticed in a positive manner. It depicts a down to earth personality which is always a plus point. Where you can go out of your way for a special occasion, overdoing it for a simple errand like a supermarket visit can easily make you stand out and attract negative criticism.

Exercise Regularly

Fitness is very much a part of fashion. To look beautiful and stylish, you have to maintain a healthy, well formed body. Regular exercise helps revitalize your skin and make it healthy and shine. Exercise as a regular practice also means there is no necessity to diet as your body weight is maintained at a healthy average.

Eat Healthy

Eat healthy food as a regular practice. Where as indulgence on occasion is acceptable, if you try to eat healthy as much as you can, whenever possible, it will definitely show off in your looks. Having more vegetables and fruits in your diet will help improve your skin tones, rid you of excess fat and give you a clear complexion. It has been proven that healthy eating is a better path for a slim body than dieting.

Cleanse your Mind

A happy person always looks better than a worried, unhappy one. In other words your moods definitely reflect on your looks. Make it a point to let go of worries until you deal with them and cleanse your mind of unwanted weights. Be content with what you are and what you have and your beauty will definitely improve.

Beautiful and Colorful Flowers

Flowers are incredible gift of nature. Bright and sweet-smelling flowers can make any event bright and cheerful. Gifting flowers to someone you admire is the expression of love and care.

Any occasion without flowers is like tea without sugar. Flowers are used for numerous events. Whether it is a propitious occasion or a farewell, flowers are the best gift. One of the amazing things is that it can add glamour to the place and make it look pleasing to the eye. Many people prefer to keep colorful flowers at their homes and workplace as it makes the place look brighter and livelier.

Flowers can be used for numerous occasions such as-

Birthday parties




Baby Showers

Housewarming parties

Festive seasons

Thanksgiving events

Farewell party

Flowers- The Indispensable article for every occasion

Beautiful bouquets are apt for birthday parties and anniversaries. Make a wonderful combination of flowers by including various colors like red, white, pink, yellow and purple. These attractive flowers can bring smile on anyone’s face.

When someone you know is promoted, you can gift them a bunch of beautiful and fresh flowers as a sign of his/her success.

If you miss someone who is away from you, then you can express your feelings by sending a bunch of splendid flowers. The fragrance of these blossoms will surely make him/her remember you.

Flowers can be a perfect gift for your ailing friend also. The vibrant and bright blossoms can relieve someone in poor health.

14th February, a big and special day for lovers. Since time immemorial, red roses are a symbol of eternal love and romance. Make your loved one feel special by gifting a bunch of colorful roses on Valentine’s Day.

When someone is angry with you a bouquet of white roses can cheer up their mood.

On any occasion incorporating excellent flower work can transport your room to an enchanting zone.

Famous Top 10 Wedding Flowers

Roses (Yellow, Red, Pink)






Calla lilies


Sweet peas

Lily of the valley

How to choose the best florist in your vicinity?

With numerous florists in the town, it becomes quite confusing to choose the best florist that can decorate your place into a spectacular one. Seek out for references from the people you know as word of mouth is the outstanding source of suggestion. Internet can also be the excellent place to locate a renowned florist.

The Best Raw Foods For Beautiful

Do you know what the best raw foods for your skin are?

Back in high school I suffered with severe acne. It was so bad it covered my entire face, chest, back. I even had it on my arms and legs. I tried all kinds of medications for it, including accutane. Every doctor I would go to would all say the same thing you skin has nothing to do with your diet. At the time I believed them.

It was not until I discovered the truth and started studying top alternative doctors.. That I cleared up my acne for good.

Beautiful And Healthy Skin Starts In Your Gut?

You can tell a lot about how healthy someone’s gut really is just by looking at their eyes and skin. Clear radiant skin and eyes is usually a sign of a clean intestine. Meaning their body is relatively free from toxins.

What causes bad skin?

Bad skin is caused by toxic build up in the colon and intestine. When your colon gets back up blemishes, acne, and dry skin is the result.

So the first thing you need to do is to minimize the amount of toxins entering your body as much as possible. The biggest toxins you must avoid are processed foods, which are loaded with all kinds of chemicals/toxins. Other forms of toxins are tap water, polluted areas, and skin creams to name a few.

Next you need to eat the best raw foods that are great for your skin:

According to discover health there are a number of raw foods for beautiful and healthy skin.

A few of the foods they suggest you eat are

1.) Raw Nuts – many nuts are loaded with vitamin E, especially almonds. This essential vitamin is responsible for fighting skin aging. Also prevents free radical damage to your skin and helps your skin hold in more moisture to prevent dryness.

2.) Red and Green Vegetable – These types of vegetables are packed full of beta-carotene which your body converts to vitamin A. This key vitamin also fights skin aging and prevents skin damage. A great food high in this essential vitamin is spinach.

3.) Raw Fruits – many fruits are loaded with vitamin C. What this vitamin does is helps collagen production. Which are proteins that form the structure of your skin. When your collagen levels are low this can cause your skin to become saggy. Vitamin C helps to tighten up your skin to prevent this.

Oranges are not the only fruit that is high in vitamin C. Here are 5 raw foods that are higher in vitamin C than oranges. They include: Papaya, strawberries, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and cantaloupe.

And here’s a delicious raw smoothie with all the crucial nutrients to healthy and beautiful skin.

The Anti-Aging Raw Smoothie

•1 handful of almonds
•1 cup of spinach (don’t worry you won’t taste it!)
•1 cup of strawberries
•1 cup of reverse osmosis or distilled water.

Blend until smooth.

Other Factors that Impact Your Skin

1.) You need to drink half your body weight in ounces per day. So if you weigh 140 pounds then you need to be consuming 70 ounces of reverse osmosis or distilled water per day. Not tap water.

2.) Optimize your gut flora with beneficial bacteria by eating fermented foods and taking a high quality probiotic.

3.) Optimize your vitamin D levels by getting 20 minutes of sunlight everyday (no burning).