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Beauty, and Life


Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. To appreciate beauty one must have good sight. Life becomes more enjoyable with good vision and beautiful, healthy body. Of course, healthy body needs a healthy mind. Then Life suddenly takes on a new meaning. Happiness sits on your shoulder like a butterfly.
We provide vision at any age.

Beauty and Health is a right of all, irrespective of age color or orientation. Life needs to be enjoyed. Our philosophy is that giving and sharing increases happiness. To the maths geek this may seem contradictory.

To the enlightened, this is the absolute truth. Western Science is still trying to understand the interplay between mind and body. They have turned to the east for guidance fo the eastern philosophy is showing a lot of truth.

Sports and LASIK

We learnt that a healthy mind and healthy body are essential to have beauty and peace. How can we achieve this? A good method is to participate in sports. Glasses free good vision is an advantage to enjoy sports.

Top Baseball players and fighter pilots have tested to have the best vision. Eye hand Coordination plays an important part. In sports like Soccer and Field hockey even feet coordination is important.

Soccer is the most popular sport on earth. David Beckham has played 99 games for England and has recently joined LA Galaxy soccer team.He wears No. 23 Jersey. Donovan is a speedy forward for the same team. Other sports include ice hockey, football, tennis and basketball. Jogging and swimming are also alternatives.